Friday, 7 June 2013

Visit to a collection in Arden

Last year, my friend Andreas bought a Kawasaki Z1R - The original from 1978. He bought it from a Collector in Arden in Nordjutland, Jens. Jens has around 150 old 1970s bikes of all kinds. To Jens it is important that the bikes ends the right place and follow all his bikes. That is also the reason why we visited, cause Andreas needed some parts for his bikes. We took a look around the collection and talked and saw the new in the collection. Sadly I was so busy looking at bikes that I forgot to take pictures.
After the visit we drove to Hadsund to have a Burger. The picture is from that arrival.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

TLC on the ISO

Yesterday I took the time to give the ISO some needed TLC. A couple of weeks ago, on a drive the rearwheel looked up an was totally stuck. I knew that it was the gearbox or the primary drive that needed attention. This was also the reason that I started the operation disassembling the primary chainbox and found that the nut, that holds the sprocket was broken loose and has stuck between the housing and rear-sprocket.

This is how it looked
  I removed the damage nut, Found a spare one from my spare engine and assembled the engine again and now it running. but after it has been parked for a couple of days the engine is running on a fat mixture of of petrol so some tuning is required. Old Italian bikes is difficult .. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The next project - When the others are done !

Tonight I had ones again had a little time to spare. Yesterweek I was checking Bikeexif which featured "The black Douglas" which is a copy of an 1920s bike with a Honda engine. This is actually a brilliant idea because old bikes often is unreliable( The Iso is currently in the Shed and in big need of TLC), And the Honda engine helps this challenge. I just figured, instead of building a old new bike, the easyist would be to mount a Honda engine in an old frame. So Now I am looking for an old frame and until I find that enjoy "The Black Douglas"
 Borrowed from

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Wup sidecases is never a problem !

If you think that sidecases is a problem for your driving -check this video out ! That BMW gets a prober trashing

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Harz part 1

Last Friday, my dad, Niels, Dan and Steffen set out for harzen in germany. We wanted drive corners and Forest roads and for that harzen is the place to go. The others set out from Aalborg in the morning and I joint the convoy at Ejer baunehøj - which is actually the highest point of denmark - 180 meter/over sea.
 Next stop was at the Danish boarder where we just got petrol on the bikes and drove on. The next stop was north of Hamburg - The place where we eat our lunch. Lebercase was my meal. Apparantly at german speciality- It tasted like Spam..
Then we rode on an got into Hamburg and was lucky not the get into a "stau" but from Hamburg and on the amount of roadworks and "stau" was extreme. Finally after a long highway travel, we got into the Harz. And got our first tast of the roads of Harzen - Wow !
Finally we arrived at Berg hotel Wolfshagen and got a cold beer ! - The best beer i have had in a long time!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Harz in germany

This Weekend I went on a trip to the Harz in Germany. The next couple of bloggings will probably be about this trip. But at first a picture of the Team at kyffhausen would be nice.More will come

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The first Hotdog ride of the year

If a journey do not really have a purpose beside the journey it self a hotdog is the perfect excuse for the ride. I would like the hotdog to be the tradition of the ride with me. Rasmus and i started this Hotdog-bikingseason together with a ride around Madam Sø in north jutland and ended on the harbour of Hobro. The hotdog was supplied by a place called "Grillhytten" - A perfect an authentic name for a place to buy a hotdog.

If you live in the hood around Hobro i would recommend the hotdog - you get two for 40 dkk :)
Get riding and eat hotdogs ! its good for the soul ! 


I took the Iso for a ride around Aarhus the other day. This is the result- The pictures is taken around the university of Aarhus  

The hidden bike

I my granddads old shed behind a old Ferguson tractor and piles of lawnmovers is this the only sight of a bike that have been hidden for 10 years and before that 35 years.
It is a Nimbus, 36. It is one of the first bikes in northern jutland. The bike was brought by a doctor in Hjørring. The history for the next 20 years is unknown but around 1958 the bike was brought by Granddad. He rode the bike for some years and after that bought a car and borrowed the bike to his brother. Around 1966 the bike was parked in the shed for later use.
Around the autumn in 2004 the bike was pulled out of the shed again. My granddad and I used a week taking the bike apart. Within a year and after several vacations spend at my grandparents the bike started and ran. Then it was pulled back in the shed and my granddad does not have the time, money or energy to rebuild the bike. No one knows how this story will end but i hope that the bike will stay in the family. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The true adventure lifestyle !

Its Murph - He is in finland ! and he is exploring the world with style
Check out his website !

Monday, 13 May 2013

Finally a update !

Finally i have found the time needed to make an update.
This time I am proud to blog about the ISO - It is now my daily vintage citybike.
Its pure joy to ride this around Aarhus !
With that said - Get riding instead of looking at the screen ! 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Puch Vz 50 Flagskib

The spring is almost over Denmark so the old man and I had to check if the old Puch moped would still run - And it did !
Enjoy the pictures of this happy event.

Honda scrapper project

The easter is a nice season. Its in the spring !. Everything is coming back to life and is blooming.
This year easter was a chance for me to visit my mum and dad. In the shed at my parents, my old Honda CB 250 is parked. For a long period I have wondered what to do with this bike. It was to poor to become a minter again but that just opens the big bag of opportunities for ideer of what to make out of it.
I have decided that the bike has to be striped and rebuild as a budget scrambler.

I have take some pictures of how the disassembly went

The plans for the bike is to
- simplify the wiring 
- Go from disc to drum brakes on the front wheel
- Make it look like a roadgoing oldschool trialbike
- Make it look even rattyer ! 

Monday, 25 March 2013

Danish craftmanship

Yesterday I did my daily browsing around the different bike blogs I know.
I came across The Vintagent and found a article about A dane who wanted a Indian with 4 cylinders but wasn't able to find one and pay the crazy price of it - so he resided to build his own.
It´s called the Alma Four - check it out here